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Great seed I found while i was making a Survival world.This seed has AMAZING cave systems and, it has a lot of different biomes!This seed would be a great start to a survival game.Excited to find cave systems in this seed?Here.I will give you a head start for an amazing cave. x=-547.10046 y=77.000 z=365.22317 Jump right into this cave and it seems boring.But, if you dig deeper, you will soon find more ores and, if you look hard enough, you will find a ...
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You should spawn in a swamp near some pumpkins. If you walk west, you should find a village. There is a ravine near the village that has lots of good stuff. I found 27 diamonds within 1 hour of gameplay. There is also a smaller ravine closer to the spawn.
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FTB-only seed, creates 2 desert villages South/SouthEast of spawn -- the first in should be in view of the spawn point. Only works with the following FTB packs: * Horizons * Magic World 2 It does not cause villages to be near the spawn with * Vanilla Minecraft 1.6.x * FTB Magic Farm2 I believe the mod that causes the villages to appear near the spawn is Farsiders, but it could be a combination of the other world-gem changing mods in Hor...

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